How to better care for French bulldog?

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Many cattle owners like to see their cow baby's long fat look, and think that the more fat the better. In fact, the bulldog is a kind of dog that is very afraid of obesity. Obesity will bring them a lot of troubles, even diseases. Such as heart disease, heat stroke, slow motion, joint disease, and even reproductive diseases. Therefore, pay attention to your baby's weight problem, do not feed too fat, give them proper exercise, so that your baby can grow healthy and happy.

Heat stroke

In general, the most likely problem with dogs with short mouth and nose is heat stroke. Because the snout is short and the airflow is not smooth, it is difficult for the dog to naturally dissipate the heat in the body. This must be handled carefully to avoid aggravating the situation. The bulldog has a very strange phenomenon, that is, the hot weather is not the only cause of heatstroke. Most bulldogs always like to lie outside and enjoy the sun.

Dogs have a variety of ways to dissipate heat, but mainly through breathing. Some heat can be dissipated through areas with less hair, such as the abdomen. But the dog does not sweat like a person, but only the meat pad on the foot wicks away, so it can only be cooled by breathing.

Some bulldogs can tolerate high temperatures, with little or no adverse reactions, but when they go to the vet, even if the weather is mild, there will be symptoms of heat stroke. In other words, a bad mentality often causes this life-threatening symptom.

Although it is normal for the bulldogs to breathe and breathe heat, when they are out of control and they have a special squeak, that is, what we call the "roaring" sound, effective measures must be taken immediately. This phenomenon often occurs when going out and bending, and should be prevented at any time.