Group Profile


Shenyang Jinghua Dog Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Yan. Mr. Li Yan has raised many famous dogs at home and abroad. In 2001, he introduced Kuai, a well-known breeder in China. In 2003, Li Yan took Kuitun to win the VA3 award at the CSV exhibition. Jinghua dog industry has also breed many excellent dogs. In 2007, our company spent a lot of money to introduce the 2007 adult male dog group V1 from Germany. In 2009, we introduced the 2008 SV German competition, the small 6 Dax and the 2009 SV adult mother V9 Eva, and Eva also won VA1 of the CSV headquarters. Dax won the VA3 at the 2010 CSV exhibition.