French bulldog is a loyal dog

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The French Bulldog is a close-knit companion dog with a strong sense of guardianship. The dog can also be used to guard the courtyard, and it is very loyal to the infringement. The dog is also particularly good at catching rats, and the mouse is extremely strong, cruel and unrelenting.

Under 1 year old belongs to the stage of growth and development. It is necessary to add enough calcium. The amount of calcium supplement per day is about 1 teaspoon of calcium powder per 2 kilograms of body weight. As the age increases, the dose of calcium powder should be increased proportionally. After the age of 1 year, as the dog has entered maturity, the growth of teeth and bones has stabilized, and the amount of calcium powder is relatively reduced. The dosage is about 4.5 kilograms of body weight per day, which is about 1 teaspoon of calcium powder per day. If there is no calcium powder to feed pigs, sheep, cattle and other bones, it is best to cartilage; do not feed the chicken and the bones of the fish, because these two bones are pin-shaped after being crushed, it is easy to puncture the gastrointestinal tract. You can't think that you can eat calcium powder or bones. Everyday exercise and sun exposure can help calcium absorption.

When configuring food, do not put a lot of meat, do not exceed 70% each time. This is because excessive meat can cause excessive burden on the stomach and cause diarrhea; especially in puppies, because the gastrointestinal development is not sound enough, the digestive disorder caused by pure feeding of meat is sometimes fatal. And because of the lack of vitamins and other trace elements, dogs can induce other diseases, even deformities.

Puppies are most afraid of lack of water, because the growth of cells is inseparable from water, and the danger of water shortage is sometimes more serious than starvation. Do not limit the amount when feeding water, just drink it. The utensils used should be cleaned daily, if ceramics are used. It can be used in infants to contain vitamins and glucose to make up for the lack of substances in dog food.

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