What are some of the key points of buying French bulldog?

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1. Before you choose to buy, you can refer to some information about the introduction of this kind of dog. On the one hand, you can go to the site where the dog is raised, and have an understanding of the characteristics of each part of the body of the dog. Can do eight out of ten.

2. The head of the French Bulldog should be large and square, with a flat cover between the ears and a depression between the eyes.

3. The muzzle should be wider and deeper, the lips should be softer and thicker, the muscles on the forehead should be developed, the lower cheeks should be deeper, square, wider and slightly warped. The nose is also wider. Both lips and nose should be black.

4. The eyes should be under the head cover, both large and round, far from the ear, not protruding, dark; the base of the ear should be wide, the ear should be round and upright, the root of the ear should be higher, and the ear hair should be fine. soft.

5. The neck should be shorter and slightly arched. The skin under the neck and throat should be slack, but the flesh does not sag.

6. The body should be short round, the bones are thick, the muscles are more developed, the chest is wider and deeper, the ribs are full and up, the shoulders are wide and short, the waist is narrow, the hips are curved and the abdomen is developed.

7. The forelimbs should be straight and short. The hind limbs should be strong and longer than the forelimbs. The feet are moderately sized and the toes and claws are shorter. The tail is short, the base is thick and drooping.

8. The coat is short and smooth, soft and shiny, with a slightly reddish tiger color, light yellow or brown color, or a magical pattern with a white background.

9. If the ear is not bat-shaped, the nose is too light, and the weight exceeds the standard too much, it is inferior and should not be selected.

10. If the head is small and narrow, the lower jaw is thin and has fewer muscles, the two eyes are prominent, and the eyes are grayish and other light colors, which are not consistent with the characteristics of the variety.

11. If the tail is slender and upturned, the neck is long and smooth and flat; the limbs are slender and fleshy, and the overall body is slender and long, which is very different from the standard of this variety and cannot be bought.

12. When choosing, especially choose the body to be strong and strong. When standing, stand up and have a god. Walk at a flexible pace, coordinate and relaxed.

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